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We are a talented team of diverse individuals who draw on each other’s unique strengths, experience and specialities to meet your specific needs.

Gilles Acogny

Gilles Acogny
Co-Founder & Managing Partner

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Gilles has held various senior executive positions with FTSE 100 and Fortune 100 corporations in the USA, Europe and the Middle East. Some examples would be his roles as the Director of Marketing and Global Accounts at Misys plc and Global Sales and Marketing Director at Aggreko plc. Prior to this, Gilles worked at Xerox holding general management roles across the Middle East and Europe. He thrives on developing people and has driven leaders and their employees to achieve new heights of performance throughout his career.

Among his many business talents are his ability to bridge the gap between sales and marketing departments and his understanding of market forces and their consequences on an industry.

Inspirations: Gilles is inspired by anyone who stretches themselves beyond their current capabilities, and by those who pay a price to achieve greatness. He admires the inner strength of Nelson Mandela, the focus and determination of sports people like Michael Jordan and Usain Bolt, and the humility and success of his own mentors Ursula Burns, Barry Rand and his brother George.

Aspirations: To drive more professional sales behaviour in organisations around the world; to help people reach their greatest potential and to learn from everyone that he meets.

Passions: Gilles’ drive for high achievement was instilled in him at a young age, when he started competing and winning at national level in French basketball. His sporting passions also include tennis and track and field, and he’s also deeply interested in other cultures and the perspectives of their people.

Self-development: Gilles has recently taken up guitar lessons again after a break of 30 years, and has resolved to master music theory too.

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Nadia Mensah-Acogny

Co-Founder and Managing Partner

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Nadia’s lifelong love of languages began at the age of four, thanks to her family’s frequent relocations around the world. Today, she is fluent in a grand total of nine languages, so it’s no wonder that her specialism is in communications and event organisation.

Since her early career as an international journalist, she has also loved writing and continues to do so both at work and in her personal life. After starting up the communications department of the Central Bank of West African Countries - Nadia chose to utilise her skills closer to home and, with her husband Gilles, co-founded Acosphere. She has developed new areas of expertise through managing our finance and administration functions.

Inspirations: Every six months, Nadia re-reads The Prophet by Khalil Gibran and always discovers something new in it. She’s also a great admirer of Anthony Robbins, whose work has taught her many lessons and changed her perspective on life. And, of course, she’s inspired by Africa and its people – especially her father, the person she admires most in the world.

Aspirations: To write the cookbook she keeps promising to those who have sampled her culinary creations and always ask for the recipe; to master graphic design; to share happiness and inspire it in others.

Passions: Nadia adores meeting people – some say she’s what you’d call a born networker. She’s also self-confessed bookworm, has a natural flair for interior design and loves to lose herself in the rhythms of salsa dancing.

Self-development: Although still something of dinosaur when it comes to computers, Nadia is catching up fast with all things IT. She has a dream to play a Chopin piece on the piano, having admired his music since she was a child.

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Justine Stanley

Justine Stanley
Product Development Manager


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Justine’s specialism is writing. Throughout her career, she’s written everything from creative copy to press releases, web copy, training manuals and, more recently, blogging.

Thanks to her experience in the media and film industries, she’s also great at PR and communications and her innate ability to read and connect with people quickly makes her a natural at selling and business development.

Inspirations: In business, Justine is inspired by those who lead by example and balance huge success with humility. In life in general, she’s inspired by acts of altruism.

Aspirations: To be a world-class Argentine tango dancer and dance in Buenos Aires; to become a bestselling author; to carry on seeing life as adventure, trying new things, taking on new challenges and pushing boundaries.

Passions: As well as her two big loves of writing and dancing, Justine is a born adventure-seeker who loves travel. She also loves people and helping them to become all they can be.

Self-development: To master the art of doing nothing, at least for a few hours on a Saturday; to learn to play the drums and the electric guitar; to control her spending addiction on Amazon!

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Guy Mensah

Guy Mensah
IT Manager


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Guy lives and breathes IT.  Over his career he has developed expertise in networks, virtual computing, back up management and office automation.  He’s a curious student and implementer of gadgets and loves discovering how they can innovate people’s lives.  Guy is a natural problem solver and through his work has honed exceptional listening skills to understand client needs.

Inspirations: Guy is inspired by Life: he believes there is a lesson to be learned everyday, everywhere we look, in everything we do and If we listen carefully, life will teach us so we may grow old and wise.

Aspirations: To surf the wave of the next tech revolution –  Guy believes there is always another wave coming, that life is about reinvention.  To stay at the forefront of Technology –  to perceive new trends, how these trends impact our daily lives and how new technology can improve both business and home life.

Passions: Guy is a real family man at heart, they are a continuous source of strength and passion for him.  He relishes the time he spends in conversations about his home country Benin and could talk about anything from politics to food – not forgetting the wonderful weather and culture!

Self-development: Guy would like to be more balanced in his time management – being passionate about his work he tends to get sucked into projects!

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