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" Build a winning team and a world-class organisation with a bespoke business-development strategy from Acosphere."

Business Consultancy

Select from our core range of rapid-turnaround services:

Market dynamics

Grow your business faster and achieve maximum return on your investment through our trusted ‘go-to-market’ strategies.

Put together using vast quantitative and qualitative research, our market studies will show you exactly which countries, industries,  segments and companies to penetrate.

We will help you to identify growth markets and implement a winning strategy for your organisation.

Interim management

Strengthen your management team. We will provide you with experienced senior executives who will seamlessly adapt to your culture, embody your values and lead and motivate your employees towards your objectives.  We can also source the most suitable permanent replacement for your interim manager following our assignment.

Sales Management and Activity Management

Increase productivity. Be clear on the essential sales activities your workforce must undertake to deliver results. With a strong focus on activity management we will create and implement a process to clarify your objective setting, stretch targets and key goals.

Once this is in place, you will have a definite set of performance metrics and a clear road map for achieving them.

Sales process

Add more value for your clients through successful management of your sales process. We will work in symbiosis with you to measure all your underpinning sales activities effectively.

The results will be breakthrough productivity and efficiency across your company – from lead generation to closing the deal!


Unleash the potential of your workforce. Fortify and develop your employees with training programmes tailor-made for your organisation’s requirements.  In addition to learning new skills, we will help to remove any barriers to success, refocus your teams mind-set and help them realise their true potential.  We deliver world-class training in a variety of topics including: Sales Mastery, Management and Leadership, Nurturing your customers, Personal development and Talent.

We also work with you to provide Executive Coaching to help individual leaders on a 1-1 basis

Account management / Global account management

Maximise business opportunities Learn which accounts you should focus on, who in these organisations you should target and how to consistently nurture your prospects to grow accounts and ensure unwavering client loyalty. Understand the differences between account management and global account management. How should global accounts be handled differently to maximise business opportunities?

Customer Relationship Management implementation

Optimise your sales process. We will help you identify the right customer-relationship management(CRM) tools for your specific sales process. We will implement the most suitable CRM solution deliver and work with you to integrate them into your organisation seamlessly.

Recruitment process

Build a champion team to fuel your organisation. Using our extensive network of reputable head hunters, we will work with your HR team to bring the best people to you.

Board meeting facilitation

Increase the efficiency of your board meetings. We can work with you to put systems in place which will ensure that all agenda items are dealt with efficiently. We can also provide feedback on the interactions during the meeting and determine any areas for improvement.

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